Why the NWCBL?

Who is eligible to play in the NWCBL?

Any player who is currently enrolled at a college or university and a member of the baseball program. Graduated high school seniors that have signed a national letter of intent at a college institution can be placed in the league based on ability. Players who have played professionally and are looking to sign a pro contract or with an independent team should consider the North Sound Emeralds

What is the roster size?

Each team will have a maximum of 25 players per roster. Most likely there will be 22-23 players on each team.

How many games will each team play?

The goal is to get each team 24 games during the summer between non-league opponents, other NWCBL teams, and with the double elimination NWCBL Tournament at the conclusion of the summer. We are planning to provide an opportunity for junior college and uncommitted players to participate in a showcase camp in front of four-year coaches free of charge in July. 

How many teams are there?

We are planning for 6 teams in the NWCBL in 2016 -- the third year of our league. We will adjust based on demand. Three teams will be based more in Lynnwood at Edmonds CC, with the other teams playing more games at the South locations of Curtis High School, Heritage Park, and Saint Martin's University. All teams will play at all locations. We are trying to limit travel costs for players as much as we can. Crossover games will predominately take place on weekends.

The North Sound Emeralds, a semi-pro team which was established in 2013, is also affiliated with the league and will play a full schedule. They will participate in the Grand Forks International Tournament again in 2016 and may enter other semi-pro tournaments. The Emeralds will face West Coast League (WCL) opponents as well as Pacific International League (PIL) competition. Their season is set to start at the beginning of June.

When does the season start? How long does it go for? What will the schedule be like?

Opening day for 2016 will be June 1st. The 3rd annual NWCBL double elimination tournament will take place at the conclusion of league play July 23-27. The master schedule, individual team schedules and rosters will be released on our social media accounts.

There will be at least one weekend where the league doesn't have games. Games will be played every day of the week except Friday. 

I attend a Canadian College -- can I still sign up?

Absolutely; it doesn't matter if you are a U.S. citizen, Canadian citizen, or if you have dual citizenship as long as you are a member of a collegiate baseball team. International players are welcome. We have a housing option for players in North Sound at the Edmonds CC residence hall.

Will there be a wait list for the league after it fills?

Yes, we will have a wait list and will notify players as they register. Players will be selected off the wait list by the position(s) needed. If a player is a two-way guy he may be offered to play one position for a pro-rated amount if there is a wait list at the other position and we are close to half way through the summer.

How do I register? How much does it cost?

Fill out the registration form HERE. The cost to play in the league is $750 for two-way players and position players, and $575 for pitcher onlys. A non-refundable deposit of $250 is what confirms your spot in the league. 

Non-refundable deposits: Being selected in the MLB draft is the only reason to request a deposit. When you sign up and pay your deposit you are essentially taking up a roster spot that could be filled otherwise.

If you cannot pay the $750 or $575 up-front, a payment plan is available that requires a $250 deposit. This will save your spot in the league. Deposits are non-refundable. Players who do not pay according to their payment plan will be removed from game play until their balance is current. Registration alone does not mean you are in the league -- you will not be placed on a roster until a deposit is received. 

Where do I send payment to?

Make all checks payable to Northwest Collegiate League and send them to Northwest Collegiate League, 6817 208th St SW, P.O. Box 5703, Lynnwood WA 98046. The NWCBL does not accept cash unless the payment is made to a league official in person. Secure online payments are available with debit or credit card on the home page of You can pay at any time and select any amount you wish to pay.

Can I play for another team and play in the NWCBL?

Make sure you read the players contract before you sign it -- it outlines the increased liability you are taking by potentially playing with another team.

If you are approached by other collegiate summer leagues we will release you from your contract if it is in your best interests to join that team or league. We do not intend to limit what could be best for an individual player. All we ask is that the player communicate with us when they are contacted. NWCBL players can be released from our contract but will not be refunded any player fees paid to the NWCBL.

Rules and Umpires

The NWCBL will follow the NCAA rulebook. All umpires working NWCBL games are NCAA certified.

updated 10/1/2015